Giveaway Winner Announcement

Hello again readers- the drawing  has closed and the winners have been chosen. decided the results. I’ll definitely be hosting more contests and giveaways in the future, since this one was so much fun. A huge “thank you” goes to Ms. Melander for generously giving out a copy of her book.

Here are our winners!

Winner of a signed copy of Rochelle Melander’s Write-a-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days  is….Crystal Rupp!

Congratulations, Crystal! Please direct message Ms. Melander on Twitter with a way to send you her book. We definitely hope you love it!

Winner of an ebook copy of Writing Fiction: The Practical Guide from the Gotham Writers Workshop is… Jessa Russo!

Congratulations, Jessa! Please direct message me on Twitter with an email address to which I can send the book. I loved this one, and hopefully you will too.

And now, for all the rest of you. I promised a surprise for everyone, and here it is.

As of April 2012, Noah Lukeman has made three of his books free to writers. Mr. Lukeman is a top New York literary agent and president of Lukeman Literary Management Ltd. He has represented winners of major awards, including the Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award. How to Land (and Keep) A Literary Agent, How to Write a Great Query Letter, and Ask a Literary Agent are all now free and downloadable in the same ebook. I highly recommend all three of these. Go here to get your copy!

Excerpts of Mr. Lukeman’s other works, such as The First Five Pages and The Plot Thickens, can be read here!

Thank you all for participating! Have a great weekend, and enjoy your new reading.

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