PagebyPage: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Here’s a quick announcement for your Wednesday evening- I’m starting to review newly-released titles from major publishers, and when I start each one, I’ll be doing a series of #pagebypage tweets on Twitter. Obviously, it won’t be through the whole book- just the first several pages. Tonight I’m starting Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. This is a book I’ve been waiting for- the cover art alone has me hooked.

So, follow me on Twitter (@katebrauning) and use the hashtag #pagebypage to chat about the book and see my thoughts as I read- page by page!


Since Twitter eventually makes tweets on a hashtag inaccessable after a while, I’m pasting my pagebypage tweets below. These are my informal, 14o-character-or-less responses as I started reading the book. In the style of Twitter, you’ll find the first tweet at the bottom of the list and the final tweet at the top. Enjoy, and look for my complete review in a more recent post.

11) Kate Brauning

..and that’s it for #pagebypage with Shadow&Bone by @lbardugo Definitely read this one- instantly engrossing.

10) Kate Brauning

Final #pagebypage for the night- Definitely read Shadow and Bone. It’s been a while since a book has so fascinated me. Fabulous writing.

9) Kate Brauning

Why are the kids with the duke? Who are the Grisha Examiners? What boarder wars? I have to keep reading. Can’t not. #pagebypage

8) Kate Brauning

What has me hooked is the world- pervasive but background so far. Subtle, convincing, and raising a dozen questions by pg 2 #pagebypage

7) Kate Brauning

#pagebypage Great news from the author, @Lbardugo RT Can’t quite breathe. Just got the news–Shadow an Bone is #8 on the NYT Bestseller List.

6) Kate Brauning

The rest of the page lives up to the first sentence beautifully- excellent example of showing not telling. Plus, vivid voice. #pagebypage

5) Kate Brauning

I love Shadow and Bone already. Fabulous first sentence. So much subtext, setting, and detail. Plus, it makes me want peaches #pagebypage

4) Kate Brauning  

I love the dedication, too- dedications are such an interesting glimpse into an author’s relationships. #pagebypage

3) Kate Brauning

The map inside is classic- with some truly creepy creatures featured. Lends an epic feel already. #pagebypage

2) Kate Brauning

My first #pagebypage thought on Shadow and Bone is how much I love the cover art. Evocative and other-worldy (see above)

1) Kate Brauning

Starting a #pagebypage on Shadow and Bone by @Lbardugo– agent @JoSVolpe and editor Noa Wheeler. From @HenryHolt


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