Joining the Publishing Industry

Hello, readers- just dropping by to share some good news. I’ve been extraordinarily busy this week, and I’m leaving Sunday morning for Canada for a friend’s wedding, so this will be quick.

I’m now working as an editorial intern with Entangled Publishing. They’re an up-and-coming small press whose books have been on the New York Times bestsellers list. I’ve been hearing fantastic things about Entangled from agents, editors, and authors alike, and I’m thrilled to be part of their team.

The publishing industry is an apprenticeship industry- most agents and editors got their jobs by being interns. Learning by doing, basically. Interns read submissions, prepare notes on manuscripts, correspond with writers, and do pretty much anything the agent/editor needs help with.

If you’re looking to get into the publishing industry, look for an internship. It’s a great boost for the bio section of your query letter, and you’ll learn a lot about what agents and editors want in a manuscript. The publishing community is on Twitter en masse, so follow agents and editors. Generally if there is an opening for an intern, they’ll announce it on Twitter. I’ve seen at least three agent internships available in the last week- that’s more than usual, but openings do exist! You can find a Twitter list of Entangled editors here, and my own list of 260+ literary agents on Twitter here.

Have you ever worked for a small press? Are you looking for an internship? Let me know!

9 thoughts on “Joining the Publishing Industry

  1. I’m certainly interested in an internship. I’ll check out your links and be in touch. I recently completed a freelance editing project, but have been thinking an internship would be a boon to get me to where I want to go.

  2. Terrific news, Kate! Good for you. And good for them for recognizing what you could contribute. I’m not familiar with the press, but after you’re description, I’ll certainly want to check them out. (And it can’t hurt to be there when you finish your YA novel…)

    The best,

  3. Congratulations! Great career move! I’m not interested in a internship right now, but I had a friend who asked me about editorial internships just the other day, so I’m going to share your post on facebook so she can read it. Thanks! 😀

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