February’s Great Loves: Vampire Diaries, REVOLUTION, and Emeli Sande

One of the things I love about the internet is that it’s so easy to find things to love. Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter are amazing resources for finding great books, new music, and helpful and interesting people.

This month, I’ve found some fantastic people and things to love. When I love something, I want to tell people about it and I want to hear if they loved it too. The internet has kindly guided me to a few new favorites, so naturally I’m going to share them with you.

Emeli Sande- an amazing singer with soulful vocals that remind me a bit of Adele’s. I love the power she has in her voice and the complexity of her songs. Another reason I love her? Her song “My Kind of Love” could practically be written by Johnny, the young man in the novel I’m currently writing (THE BALLAD OF DINAH CALDWELL- click here for my post about it!). Check out her music video for the song and support her by buying her album on iTunes, if you like it!

My second great love for this post is a book (of course). REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly completely changed my expectations of what a YA novel could be. First, look at that cover! The story itself is just as rich and lovely. It has a complex and fascinating historical element, brilliant use of music as a motif, and an engaging, resourceful heroine. I’m just thrilled with the romance in this story, too. Though the love story isn’t nearly the biggest element in the book, it’s a key one, and Donnelly nails it. It’s subtle, convincing, true-to-life, and compelling. Watching her paint the strokes of the romance here changed how I’m going to write the romance in DINAH, and definitely for the better. One of my favorite elements, though, is how layered the story is. YA doesn’t have to be a quick, simple read- teens are smart, thoughtful people, and both they and adult audience for YA deserve the complicated motives, twists, and thought-provoking themes REVOLUTION has to offer. I wish the story had gone just a beat further in the end, but that’s a personal preference, and the story is brilliant how it is. I read it for my library’s YA book club and loved it so much I bought it in hardcover. Read and tell me what you think!

My final great love for this post is the TV show The Vampire Diaries. I think the show suffers somewhat from the prejudices surrounding teen vampire fiction, and I’ll admit the first few episodes are a tad cheesy. But the pacing and the character development have won me over completely. If you want to see a beautiful balance of plot and character, watch this show. The pacing is unbelievable; cliffhanger after cliffhanger, twist after twist, this show never stops surprising me. My husband, a die-hard fan of Anne Rice’s vampires who wouldn’t touch Twilight if you paid him, is watching the show with me and loves it. What I truly love about it, though, is the complexity of Damon, Caroline, Klaus, and Matt. The show has a wide cast and handles it deftly. But those four in particular are fabulously complex and brilliant. The way they’re developed is masterful, and just watching them on screen taught me so much about character development. It’s an enjoyable, complex, and suspenseful show, and it’s on Netflix, so go try it!Image

One thought on “February’s Great Loves: Vampire Diaries, REVOLUTION, and Emeli Sande

  1. You know how much I love Revolution already, so I don’t need to say more than I know what you mean. I’ve been skeptical about Vampire Diaries, though, so I might have to check it out.

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