Writer’s Assistant Position



Hello readers!

I’m on the hunt for a writer’s assistant. Between this blog and the other blogs I contribute to, my own writing, working with CMA and Entangled Publishing, a secret project or two, part-time teaching, and various things to build my own writing platform, I could really use an assistant. This assistant would not be involved in my internships; all projects would be for my personal writing career.

This is an intern-style position. Basically, I’m looking for someone who can spend a few hours a week on assorted tasks (researching various authors and agents, working on some blogging tasks, helping organize  secret projects, etc). I’m looking for someone who is either an aspiring writer or someone who wants to join the publishing industry; the position is unpaid (and can be remote), but I’m willing to work with my assistant on his/her writing, provide recommendations, I’d do what I can to help him/her connect with the writing community and publishing industry, and of course my assistant would have my eternal gratitude! This position could be added to a resume. For those of you taking classes, I would be willing to work with a school for independent study credit. As my writing career develops, the position may expand, as well.

The ideal applicant is serious about writing or publishing, wants to develop his/her writing and critiquing skills, is dependable and motivated, and has approximately an afternoon a week to work with me. Bonus skills include being familiar with the finer points of social media, having good computer skills, and possessing a fantastic sense of humor. 🙂

As part of the position, my assistant will be required to have frequent access to email, have/create a Twitter account, and subscribe to Shelf Awareness and Publishers Lunch (they’re free).

To apply, please send me an email at katebrauning(at)gmail(dot)com explaining 1) why you would like the position, 2) any relevant skills and experience you have, 3) whether you’d have regular weekly time, and 4) a little bit about who you are. Your reading tastes and career goals would be helpful, as well. A resume is not required, but if you’d like to include one, you certainly may. Applications remain open until I announce that the position has been filled.

I’d appreciate it if you would share this around! As always, thanks for reading!

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