Introducing My Writing Assistants!

I’m particularly excited to introduce my new writer’s assistants to all of my readers here on the blog. I received so many applications from talented, motivated writers and readers, and a number of them stood out to me as people who are clearly going to go far in their careers. After only 24 hours of accepting applications, I knew I’d found the perfect people for the job.

I had only planned on taking on one assistant, but the two who stood out to me the most just happened to have such great skill sets and such engaging applications that I offered the job to both of them.

Mark O’Brien is a remarkably talented teen writer and a contributing reviewer ofย  young adult fiction at, and he’s already actively making great connections in the writing world. I’m positive Mark is going to be a writer you’ll want to watch, so follow him on Twitter here and follow his blog here!

Talynn Lynn is also a fantastically talented writer and a contributing reviewer at, and she has also done PR work and professional communications management for a number of years. To keep up with Talynn’s many talents, follow her on Twitter here and subscribe to her blog here.

Both Talynn and Mark will be helping me with time-saving tasks that will allow me to do more writing, as well as helping create some fantastic content for my blog and expand the resources here. Of course, blog posts and my Twitter content will still be from me! If they write a blog post, their name(s) will be on the post. So, please help me welcome Mark and Talynn, and keep an eye out for some fantastic new content here on the blog!

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