In Which I Am Interviewed by Lizzy Charles

Good morning! I just wanted to drop by to let you know Lizzy Charles, a writer who recently signed with a literary agent, has interviewed me for her blog. She asked some great questions about my writing and what I do for my internships, so check it out! Start reading below and follow the link to see the rest.

Today, I’m interviewing (get it, Intern-View) the fantastic writer and intern super-star Kate Brauning. Kate’s an editorial intern for Entagled publishing and an agency intern for the Carol Mann Literary Agency. She’s gifted in writing, editing, critiquing, and diving through your query slush. She shares a behind the scene glance of what being an intern is all about.

Thank you for visiting Kate! I’m just going to throw some questions out. Prepare yourself. I want to know a lot about what you do. The whole intern thing is quite a mystery to me.

1. What’s your writing beverage of choice?

I’m usually drinking something no matter what I’m doing. Cool flavors of herbal tea, fruit smoothies, lattes, and anything from my Keurig would probably cover it most days. Coffee is a frequent choice, naturally.

2. First and foremost, you are a writer. Can you give us a quick pitch for one of your manuscripts?

I’d love to! The MS I’m querying is titled MOON RIVER, a YA contemporary. Here’s the pitch:

Making out with your cousin has its pitfalls. Jackie knows she shouldn’t love Marcus the way she does, but she can’t stop loving him anymore than she can stop the Missouri River from freezing. But now Marcus is dating someone else— a new girl who knows more than she should about a murdered classmate, and Sylvia’s secrets may mean their bodies will be the next ones the police dig out of the woods.

(Killer elevator pitch, Kate. WHOA!)

3. How did your internship opportunities come about? Have you always wanted to be involved in publishing?

I’d thought about being involved in the publishing industry in college, but I didn’t have a clear idea what editors did and I barely knew agents existed. I thought editors mostly proofread manuscripts, which sounded like a horrible job. I just wanted to be a writer. After college, when I finished my first manuscript and started looking into what to do with it, I started reading agent and editor blogs, and thought, “Hey, there’s this whole group of people who love sushi, whiskey, and books. Also, they seem to really like Twitter. We could probably be friends!”

Click here to read the rest!

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