My New Best Friend

I’m blogging at YA Stands today! Here’s a preview:

When it comes to plotting a WIP, I don’t fit squarely in any particular group. I usually have an opening scene in mind and know where I want the story to end up, but that’s it. I usually try to outline the major events, but much of my inspiration comes as I write, and I’ll confess: outlining bores me. I can’t stay focused on it, the action rarely feels organic, and it just doesn’t have the same magic as writing a scene. But I’ve tried just plotting as I go, and while that’s more fun, it causes problems in the long run. Underdeveloped subplots, insufficient character motivation, and yet again, action that’s not organic to the story crop up and require major revisions. I’ve tried several different things, hoping to find something that gives me that perfect balance between structure and creative inspiration.

And I’ve found it.

Head over to YA Stands  to read the rest!

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