A Very Exciting Update

I’m very excited to be writing this post.

Some of you know I’ve been working in internships with both Entangled Publishing and the Carol Mann Literary Agency. I’ve learned so much from both and I’m incredibly thankful I’ve had those opportunities. I’ll be staying with CMA as an intern, but I’m both sad and excited to say I’ve completed my internship at Entangled.

But- I am THRILLED to say I am now an associate editor with Month9Books.

I spoke with Georgia McBride this past Friday about Month9Books, and was impressed with her vision for the company and the strides they have made to develop the press so far. Some truly fantastic agents sell to them, they have some great partners in the industry, and they have a very traditional publishing model that will both be a fantastic experience for me as well as a ton of fun. I’m confident they’re a great fit for me and a great press.

So, I am officially an associate editor. I will be doing development editing (character development, story structure, pacing, etc), which I love, for both Month9Books proper and their adult/YA romance imprint. Almost nothing is more exciting to me than finding a story I love and helping the author’s vision come through more clearly. Writing great books is a team effort, and I’m going to love being a bit bigger part of that team. I still have a long way to go and a million things to learn, but it’s ridiculously fun getting there.


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