Blog Party! Free Critiques! Free Books!

You’re invited to a blog party right here on The Bookshelf, this coming Saturday the 18th!

I’m now done with both of my publishing internships and focusing entirely on my own writing and editing with Month9Books (well, and also teaching). I want to keep up the agency/submissions content on my blog, however, since those tend to be some of my most-shared posts! Since you guys love it, I want to keep it coming. 🙂

I’m very excited to be inviting publishing industry interns to join me here on The Bookshelf as co-bloggers. To celebrate their awesomeness, we’re having a blog party, complete with the chance to win critiques and free books!

Please welcome my new bloggers!

Alex Yuschik:

When not writing or working on grad school stuff, Alex Yuschik leads a secret double life as a literary agent’s intern. She also fights bears and meditates under waterfalls (where by “bears” and “under waterfalls” we mean, respectively, “manuscripts” and  “carefully, as she is liable to break things even when calm”). Alex on Twitter Alex’s blog

Darci Cole:

Mormon. Wife. Mommy. Writer. Editorial Intern for Entangled Publishing. #WriteClub Sprint Leader. Crazy Geeky Fangirl. Current project: UNBROKEN (YA Fantasy Series) Darci’s Blog  Darci on Twitter  Darci on Facebook

Talynn Lynn:

Writer who dreams big. Literary Agent Intern for Blue Ridge Literary. Mom of six. Music lover. Coffee drinker. Talynn on Twitter  Talynn’s blog

and last but never least, Claire Donnelly:

Book nerd, hockey chick, lit agent intern, Kiwi, Slytherin. Claire on Twitter

These talented book people and I are going to be posting a freebie almost every hour throughout the day this coming Saturday. Some of the things included are two five-page critiques, a pitch critique, a first chapter critique, a query critique, a fifty-page critique (yes, 50!) and physical copies of THE ARCHIVED by Victoria Schwab, LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green, and CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins. These critiques are by the interns and industry pros who are reading your slush, so you’ll get great feedback! Plus, free books! You may enter for any number of items.

Entering is simple- watch for the post with the items you want to win to go up on Saturday and it will have instructions! The giveaways will end Saturday night and we’ll notify the winners that night!

Special thanks to Darci for the super cool blog party announcement!

Blog party

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