Giveaway: First Chapter Critique

We’re back with another giveaway- this one is a first chapter critique from Alex. The chapter can be the first chapter of a complete or incomplete MS, any genre except erotica.

Here’s a bit about our giver.

When not writing or working on grad school stuff, Alex Yuschik leads a secret double life as a literary agent’s intern. She also fights bears and meditates under waterfalls (where by “bears” and “under waterfalls” we mean, respectively, “manuscripts” and  “carefully, as she is liable to break things even when calm”). Alex on Twitter Alex’s blog

To enter, please follow me  and Alex on Twitter if you don’t already, follow this blog, and drop a comment saying you want entered! It’s that easy. Entries close at midnight central time.

Don’t forget to look at the previous giveaways from today- they’re open til midnight too. Winners announced Sunday with instructions for submitting. You may enter more than one giveaway. Check back for our next giveaway going up at 4:00 central time– exactly one hour!

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12 thoughts on “Giveaway: First Chapter Critique

  1. Congrats, Erica! 😀

    Stoked to read your first chapter! Please send it (.doc file or pasted in body of email) to:
    alex (dot) yuschik (at) gmail (dot) com!

    Thanks everyone for entering! ❤

  2. Yeay first chapter critiques!! I’ve got 37 more to try to find contests for now. Busy, busy, busy!

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