Giveaway: Pitch Critique!

We’re starting off our blog party this morning with a one-line pitch critique! Here’s a bit about our giver.

Darci Cole:

Mormon. Wife. Mommy. Writer. Editorial Intern for Entangled Publishing. #WriteClub Sprint Leader. Crazy Geeky Fangirl. Current project: UNBROKEN (YA Fantasy Series) Darci’s Blog  Darci on Twitter  Darci on Facebook

You want this, guys. Darci is fantastic, and she knows her stuff. One-line pitches can be used for Twitter pitch parties (one is coming up!) and blog contests, as well as a starting point for your query.

To enter, please follow me and Darci on Twitter, follow this blog, and drop a comment saying you want entered! It’s that easy. Entries close at midnight central time.

Check back for our next giveaway going up at 10:00 central time– exactly one hour!

Blog party

10 thoughts on “Giveaway: Pitch Critique!

  1. Congrats Colette! Send your current pitch to darcicole at gmail, and I’ll be in touch with you. With pitches, I like to go back & forth a bit via email to get a feel for the story, and use that to hone in on the pitch. I can help you with a n elevator pitch (a few sentences) or a twitter pitch (140 characters or less) or both. @ me on twitter too if you want to work a little there. (I’m almost ALWAY on Twitter.) 🙂

    • Hi Darcy!
      I’ll send it tonight and we can get rollin’ on this either immediately or after the holiday weekend. I’ll be on your timeline gracious & grateful!

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