Last Giveaway: 50-page Critique!

We’re ending our blog party just like we started it- with a critique from the brilliant Darci Cole! Here’s a bit about our giver.

Darci Cole:

Mormon. Wife. Mommy. Writer. Editorial Intern for Entangled Publishing. #WriteClub Sprint Leader. Crazy Geeky Fangirl. Current project: UNBROKEN (YA Fantasy Series) Darci’s Blog  Darci on Twitter  Darci on Facebook

This time Darci is giving away a critique of FIFTY PAGES. (Double-spaced, standard margins, no erotica.) Darci is fantastic, and she knows her stuff. This is a huge critique, and you get the chance to get her eyes on your pages just by doing the following:

Follow me and Darci on Twitter, follow this blog, and drop a comment saying you want entered! It’s that easy. Entries close at midnight central time. EVENING BONUS- tweet about the giveaway tonight, and get one extra entry applied to the giveaway of your choice. Tag Kate in the contest tweet, then @ her to say which one you want it added to.

Check the comments of the giveaways you entered tomorrow afternoon to see who won which giveaways and for submission instructions.

Thanks so much for playing along in our blog party, and check back for posts on querying, pages, writing, and more from these fantastic writers and publishing people.

Blog party

11 thoughts on “Last Giveaway: 50-page Critique!

  1. Congrats Jeri!!! Send me your 50 pgs in MS Word .doc or .docx format to darcicole at gmail. Time frame is a little hazy right now, as I’ve got a lot going on, so I’m gonna say two weeks, but I’ll try and get it done quicker 🙂

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