Links for Learning: Kate’s Picks

Happy Friday! It’s Kate, and I’ve got something fun for you.

Every day, I read blog posts, articles, interviews, and releases from authors, editors, and agents. There’s so much to learn about this industry, I feel like I can’t ever absorb it all. Plus, it’s tough to get hooked in enough to find all the information to learn from, especially way out here in Iowa, when the center of the publishing universe is… well, nowhere close to Iowa.

So just in case some of you are feeling the same way, or are even just devoted and curious readers who want to know about the book world, I’m passing along some of my favorite links I learned from this week.

Definitely check out this link for Literary Dopplegangers; click the book cover and it will show you what to read next if you liked that book. Loved The Fault in Our Stars or The Night Circus? This will show you a similar title to read next, and it will help you get beyond those top 10 books everyone seems to be reading and support some other just-as-deserving titles.

If you haven’t read The Fault in Our Stars, by the way, it’s one of my top reads from last year. With over a million copies in print, lauded USA Today and Entertainment Weekly as one of the best books of the year, and named TIME’s best fiction book of 2012, the story is a hilarious, insightful, tragic look at love and youth. You’re missing out if you haven’t seen the author’s (John Green) explanation of why this book is so successful. I’m going to take this list and study it, by the way. Lots of great principles at work there.

Author talks and book signings can definitely be a part of making a book successful, but few of us know how to handle them. If you’re doing a reading or just preparing in advance, check out author Randy Susan Meyers’ 10 Tips for Writers Reading in Public.

Another great inside look at the author life is this conversation between Sarah Dessen and her editor, Regina Hayes. It’s definitely worth reading if you love Sarah Dessen’s work, wonder about the author-editor relationship, or want to get a peak into the industry.

What link list wouldn’t be complete without something from Chuck Wendig? Read his 25 Things to Know About Sexism and Misogyny in Writing and Publishing. Follow his advice, send it out on social media, make your friends read it, wrap it up as an early Christmas gift… You get the point.

And finally, sometimes learning is just realizing all over again something that you already knew. Read Where the Rubber Meets the Road from Rachelle Gardner for a quick, encouraging reminder that doing what you love takes patience and hard work.

But keep in mind: hard work, learning, patience… it can sound depressing. It’s not. It’s fun. Hard work doesn’t always equal not having a good time. So keep it up, read hard, work hard, and have a great time doing it.

Do what you love. See you next time!


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