A Bit of Writing Encouragement

Today I’m blogging over at my group author blog, YA Stands, and I’ve got an interesting story to tell about something that happened this week.

 Wednesday night I tweeted this:

A lot of people seemed to appreciate the idea, and then one of my awesome CPs tweeted this:

Her tweet inspired me to try to get the hashtag going, and I asked writers to use the hashtag and tell everyone where they were a year ago and what had happened since then. I thought it might be encouraging, given how slow writing and publishing seems to be sometimes, and given how hard we try and how invisible progress can be, to take a look backwards and see how far we’ve come.

Head over to the post on YA Stands to see what happened!

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Author of young adult thrillers with a twist of something strange, including The Ballad of Dinah Caldwell, How We Fall, "Godzilla Girls" (Keep Faith anthology). Talent Manager and editor with Dovetail Fiction/Working Partners. Baker. Millennial queer kid. Enthusiast. Fangirl.

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