My Writing #Subtips Threads 2016-2017

I have gotten a few requests for collecting all my past subtips threads into one location, and since Storify is closing down, I’m putting them all here.

First, #subtips blog posts:

A Debut Author’s First Month: How We Fall

You Don’t Grow Out of YA: 5 Reasons I Write (& Edit) YA

The Manuscript, Edit Letters, & Deadlines: Thoughts from an Author/Editor

5 #Subtips For Writers on Drafting

Tips for Preparing for Release Month

5 Things I Learned As A Debut Author

Starting That Novel: #Subtips for the New Writer

A Day In An Editor’s Life- Jan 4, 2017

10 Reasons I Had To Pass on MSs & Queries

I Held A Bear Cub, and I Liked It: Why Writing Is Not A Petting Zoo

When Friends and Family Read Your Book: Survival Tips

Writing Poverty in YA

The Straight-Talk On Social Media for Authors

Finding Fresh Ideas: The Rule of Ten

Writing Advice from Don Draper

Revising 101: 3 Goldren Rules

Fixing Stilted Prose 101

Editor’s Eyes: Fixing Flat Scenes

Tips for Describing Characters

Fast Drafting Tips: Awesome Ways to Get it Done

Next, #subtips Twitter threads, starting with my most recent and going back to 2016. Each of these individual tweets is the start of a thread that further discusses the idea, so click the date of the embedded tweet to go to the thread on Twitter, and the rest of the content will open up for you. (I recommend right-clicking to choose “open in a new tab” so you don’t navigate away from the blog post when you click.)

A note on the thread below: the “not like other girls” issue I’m discussing here is different from the question of gender identity. Nonbinary people and people assigned female at birth but questioning their gender may well not feel like other girls– and that’s absolutely okay and something wonderful to show in fiction. If that’s what’s happening in your MS, it should be clear what the character is doing is questioning or exploring gender. Unfortunately, that’s often not what’s happening when a character puts down girls and lacks friendships with girls– and instead what happens is the (often accidental) sexism I discuss below:

Note: I should not have used the word “crutch” below as that implies crutches are used by lazy people who don’t want to do the work, and crutches are actually wonderful tools to help people gain mobility and independence. Crutches are good things, not bad things, so I apologize for the use here! A better statement would be “It’s overused & often an easy way out.”


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1 thought on “My Writing #Subtips Threads 2016-2017

  1. Hi, I’ve really enjoyed reading your tweets. They’re brilliant. I’m interested in one area in particular, the tweet about going under the initial emotion. Anger-hurt-regret, I’ve just used this and it has taken my screenplay to another level. The problem I have is that I’m struggling to go deeper with other emotions. Do you have any techniques I can use to find these deeper emotions? Or a list of emotions? For some reason my brain just doesn’t want to go this way?

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