Signing With My New Agent During COVID-19

Long time no chat, readers! I have moved most of my personal content to my newsletter and to my Twitter feed so this can be an editor and publishing blog, but I wanted to let you all know something awesome in my author life: I’ve signed with an agent! It was a weird and hard but wonderful road to this point, and I’m so excited about this. The full story on leaving my previous agent, signing with my new one, and the impact of this virus on that process is in my newsletter! You can see more by signing up here.

Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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About KateBrauning

Author of young adult thrillers with a twist of something strange, including The Ballad of Dinah Caldwell, How We Fall, "Godzilla Girls" (Keep Faith anthology). Talent Manager and editor with Dovetail Fiction/Working Partners. Baker. Millennial queer kid. Enthusiast. Fangirl.

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