Drafting and YA Stands

Hello, readers! How did September come and go so quickly? I’m pretty sure it should still be the end of July. But here we are, square in the middle of apple cider and pumpkin season. Every time I look at my Twitter feed, someone is talking about pumpkin spice lattes, which I have never tried. Should I? The idea sounds strange to me- I’m not a fan of fruit coffees, either- but people seem to seriously love these lattes. So, I need some expert opinions.  I’m putting a poll at the bottom of this post- let me know if you think I should try my first pumpkin spice latte, or if I’m better off sticking with my standard hazelnut. I’ll try one if I get enough votes!

In other news, last month I finished the first draft of my WIP- the young adult contemporary. It took me eight weeks instead of the six I had planned, but spending 9 days in Canada slowed me down quite a bit.  I had a fantastic time at my friend’s wedding, and I’m now an expert at tying ribbons for ceremony programs. But the draft is finally completed at 52,000 words, and I’m well into the second draft. This manuscript is quite a bit different from my first novel, but I still loved it. Writing this story was just plain fun, and I really enjoyed writing a more rural novel. I love my main character’s voice, so hopefully it’s a fun one to read as well. My goal is to have it ready for beta reading and critiques by the end of this month.

Don’t forget I’ve also been posting on the group blog for YA Stands! In case you don’t follow that blog, here are my last few posts there.

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As always, thanks for reading! Now, pumpkin spice latte- try, or no?