How We Fall Blog Tour Round-up!

My release week is almost here! Honestly, I’m a little nervous, but mostly, I’m enjoying it. It’s going to happen no matter what I do at this point, so I’ve kind of let go, and decided to have fun! The launch party is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, and don’t forget– you’re invited!

This Friday, for the first time, I saw my real, actual book on shelves for sale! Here it is at my local Barnes and Noble:

HWF on shelves

Here’s the round-up of How We Fall across the internet– everything from giveaways to me talking about monsters:


Previously In My Blog Tour:

  • An interview with BORN WICKED author Jessica Spotswood on travel, drinks, and my book
  •  A stop on  Publishing Hub where I’m talking about Pinterest boards for novels, and releasing mine for How We Fall
  • The hardcover giveaway of my book also went up on Booklikes
  • The first chapter hit Wattpad, where you can read it for free!
  • a great review from the American Library Association’s Booklist“Jackie’s life is complicated. Her best friend is missing, she lives in a house with too many people and too little space, and she is secretly dating her cousin. Jackie has two tasks. She must break up with her cousin and simultaneously solve the mystery of her missing friend, making this novel an unusual combination of romance and suspense. Brauning is not the first author to delve into this taboo subject matter—most famously, there is Meg Rosoff’s How I Live Now (2004). But there is also something universal about Jackie’s struggles with her feelings and her desires, and readers will identify with her emotions, while going along for the plot’s ride. This quest for identity, wrapped up in an intriguing mystery, hooks from the beginning.”
  • a guest post from me on Adventures in YA Publishing, where I talk about how editors and authors see the book, the edit letter, and deadlines: Across the Desk–Thoughts from An Author-Editor
  • My publishing house launched a Goodreads giveaway of 25 hardcovers! Want a copy? You can win one!
  • Devin Norwood interviews me about writer’s block, e-books, and other genres I’d write
  • Review from Samantha Randolph, book blogger at I Heart YA Fiction
  • My brand-new author website launched recently, too. It’s at, and it has the first chapter of How We Fall, plus website-only extras, and a nice long new author bio that took me forever to write. 🙂 I’d love it if you stopped by the site and said hello!