My Awesome Book News

I have just a tiny bit of news today. News I’ve been sitting on for what felt like a century. News I could not be happier to share. Any guesses? 🙂


My book sold. A pre-empt, and releasing this November. Yes, it’s fast. Yes, it will be a fall book. Catch me if I pass out.

Merit is a wonderful imprint over at F&W Books, and if Jacquelyn Mitchard’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s the author of Deep End of the Ocean (and about 20 other books, including  What We Saw At Night and What We Lost In The Dark.) She’s made a name for herself as an author and an editor, and I am so thrilled to have her as my editor. Merit and F&W are the perfect place for HOW WE FALL, and their enthusiasm for my book has blown me away. I never imagined I’d be dealing with a pre-empt, but I’m so confident in the team at Merit that it’s very much a crazy dream come true.

I love this book with everything in me. It’s a quirky YA taboo suspense about obsession and emotional honesty and not letting the world tell you who to be. And I’m so excited to send it out into the world.

I’m so thankful to my brilliant and wonderful agent, who believed in this book (and me) from the start. Her confidence has kept me going. Thank you for making this happen, Carlie.

My incredibly patient husband, Jesse, has been my biggest supporter. He’s kept up with the writing process, the querying process, and now submission through to a book deal. He’s had to deal with my insanity for years now, and I genuinely couldn’t have done this without him. A bit of who he is works its way into every YA guy I write, so thanks for being my inspiration, Jesse.

My family and friends have put up with my babbling about one day being an author since I was twelve. Evenings making dinner in the kitchen with my mother while I discussed my high school WIP with her gave me the confidence to think I wasn’t crazy in wanting to do this. (And maybe I was crazy, but hey, it happened!) To all of you (Lydia, Rebekah, Trish, Robin, Lynn, Matt, Jess, Sean, Sam, Jake, Nick, Bree, Hannah, Mark, Rebecca, oh my word, all of you) thank you for the support and encouragement and confidence.

And to my critique partners and writing friends– to everyone who read some version of HOW WE FALL, you guys have been one of the biggest factors in this happening. I love you for it. I love you for being honest with me and tough with your notes, for all the conversations and advice and patience and brilliant ideas. HOW WE FALL wouldn’t be the book it is without you.

Stay tuned, readers- there’s a lot more news about HOW WE FALL coming soon. 🙂

Contracts and Agenting 101

Today I’m blogging over at Pub Hub on the basics of book contracts– interns, writers who want to be informed, and anyone who wants a glimpse behind the scenes, take note!

Here’s a preview:

I’m a huge advocate for educating yourself and being proactive with your career. Writing is a difficult and complicated career, even when you have a fabulous agent and editor.

Whether you don’t have an agent and are navigating a small press by yourself, or you are agented and are wondering what all these terms you’re hearing mean, or you’re a writer trying to figure out goes on in this business, the resources below can give you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

A note of advice: publishing terms vary from place to place, information quickly becomes outdated as technology advances, and your agent is your greatest advocate. Blog posts can’t hope to cover the scope of publishing contracts; you can read blog posts all day long and still not know how to handle these issues. I’d recommend treating these as one source of information, not a guide to your career. 🙂

Nathan Bransford has some older but very helpful introductory posts:

A Book Publishing Glossary

How A Book Gets Published

The Basics of Publishing Contracts


Read the rest over at Pub Hub.

A Chat with Folio Literary Management and Brendon Burchard

In querying agents, I came across this video featuring powerhouse agent Scott Hoffman and NYT best-selling author Brendon Burchard. I strongly recommend watching it. Hoffman and Burchard deliver worthwhile content about standard book advances, working with a backlist, the author-agent relationship, and traditional publishing vs. self-publishing.  Additionally, they discuss how Burchard earned his multiple 7-figure book deals.

What are you currently doing to position, package, promote, and partner?

Which social media networks do you think are key- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads… which ones are absolutely necessary?

Do you “block time” to write?

Do you promote yourself in some way besides social media?

Comment with your professional development strategies, regardless of your field. I’d love to hear your tips!