Author/Editor Query Critiques- Now Through Feb 2

Though I mostly don’t do freelance editing anymore (aside for auctions for causes that are important to me), a few times per year I like to open back up to offer query critiques. And now is one of those times! A new year, a fresh chance at querying your manuscript. Want the eyes of an author and editor on your query letter? Book between right now and midnight central time, Feb 2nd, and I’ll give you a thorough critique of your query for $30. I won’t be accepting bookings after that time, and will be closed to query critiques until further notice.

Query letters need to be sharp, focused, voicey, and unique. Many agencies deal with hundreds of queries (or more) a week, and can only request material from a few. Your query needs to be its best to stand out and get the attention of the agents who are best for your work.

The top reasons I see queries being rejected in slush piles are:

  • Long, vague queries that give all kinds of information, but not what agents need to know
  • Complicated, scattered, or unclear plot descriptions that leave the agent confused
  • Queries that neglect industry conventions that informed writers should be following
  • Plot descriptions that focus on story elements that aren’t unique or describe plots we’ve seen too many times before

I’ll look for all of these issues as I critique your query, as well as help develop your hooks and conflict, get your query to a great wordcount, tackle any pitching, genre, or market problems you may be facing with your query, and give you advice from someone who’s been on both sides of the desk.

To book, please email me at katebrauning(at)gmail(dot)com, and I’ll give you instructions for paying securely through Paypal.

Wishing you great books, inspiration, and success in the query trenches,


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About KateBrauning

Author of young adult thrillers with a twist of something strange, including The Ballad of Dinah Caldwell, How We Fall, "Godzilla Girls" (Keep Faith anthology). Talent Manager and editor with Dovetail Fiction/Working Partners. Baker. Millennial queer kid. Enthusiast. Fangirl.

2 thoughts on “Author/Editor Query Critiques- Now Through Feb 2

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  2. Hi Kate,

    I didn’t know that you didn’t have time for editing any more. I still do it, however, in case someone you know needs help. I’m listing my info below.

    Thanks, and have an awesome time in Ireland!


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